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  • Exhibition as Editing Exercise, Nov 2016
  • MOP CAP 2015 Finalist Exhibition | London
  • Parviz Tanavoli & Ardeshir Babaknia
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September 2017


Are you a curator? Interested in Contemporary Iranian Art? We have an online residency waiting for you! CURATE ARCHIVE is an online residency programme open to curators across the globe. This online platform connects interested curators with Iranian artists though an archive that is formed by the portfolios of the Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize (MOP CAP) contestants. We are seeking proposals for online exhibitions/projects to be promoted on the MOP CAP website for a duration of 4 months.

What do we mean when we turn to curate an archive? How does one work with an archive when it is a collection of texts, images and audios stored on a website in the global interconnected world of the Internet? What are the longings to understand, re-present, re-build, and share an archive? What are the resistance strategies and survival structures for threatened memories to be re-collected through narrations and contexts?

Keeping these queries in mind CURATE ARCHIVE is an online residency programme open to artists/curators/cultural practitioners, which intends to operate as a dialogical structure to enunciate possibilities and impossibilities of working with archive, providing opportunities for a re-presentation of its extensive directory within a curatorial approach.

Since the launch of Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize (MOP CAP) in 2008, every two years hundreds of portfolios are submitted by emerging Iranian artists, cultivating a thought-provoking collection of visual/audio/text-based material on its website. Through CURATE ARCHIVE a curator, appointed every four months, will experiment with this archive to re-activate its contingent device and continuously alter its formation. 

– Submit a proposal for an idea-driven, online group exhibition forming by the MOP CAP Archive, as well as your CV by 30th Sep 2017.
– Proposals should describe the aims and objectives of how to work with an archive and consist of text up to 1000 words.
– Successful candidates will receive a small honorarium at the end of their online residency. 
– Those three successful candidate will receive administrative support from MOP Foundation to mount their exhibitions on MOP CAP website.

Once your proposal is chosen an online meeting will be conducted to discuss your ideas further and provide you with some practical information about the weblog on which the project will be executed. Three fixed time slots are allocated to host three residencies per year from; 

October 2017 - January 2018
April - July 2018
August - Spetember 2018

At the time of the interview a time slot suitable to your agenda will be selected for your residency. 

After the interview you will be asked to send us a timetable no later than two weeks before your residency begins. The timetable has to include information about how many posts you wish to upload on the weblog which is allocated to your residency. Working from a shared timetable would help us to include the news about your posts on our e-newsletter and to our readers as well as sharing it on our social media.

We are expecting between 4 to 8 posts to be shared on the weblog.

From the time of interview you will have access to the Artist Directory/Archive to view the artworks and make the selection of the artworks you wish to include in your online exhibition or of the artists you wish to collaborate with. 

In order to familiarise yourself with the platform we strongly suggest, for you to view the previous residencies on our website: http://mopcap.com/en/curate-archive

Established in 2004, MOP Foundation is based in London and promotes Iranian art and culture to a wider audience outside of Iran, and strives to make a notable contribution to its long-term advancement worldwide.  This is accomplished by establishing programmes in modern and contemporary Iranian art, music, media and academia in partnership with world-class institutions.


Past Events
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March 2006
Iranian Family Weekend at the Victoria & Albert Museum

March 2006
Children's Art Exhibition at the Orangery

November 2005
'The Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam' Film Screening

November 2005
Age of Awakening

November 2005
Family Day at the British Museum

October 2005
Piano Recital at St. Paul's School

September 2005
Magic of Persia Education Programme

April 2005
20 Fingers Film Screening

September 2004
Magic of Persia Inaugural Gala

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